Every year, thousands of people visit Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Thanks to its beautifully diverse landscape and vibrant cultural life, Lake Balaton is worth visiting at all times of the year. If you want to get to know the Hungarian Sea and its surroundings, it is recommended to stay in one of the settlements around Lake Balaton and explore the many sights.

Balaton is a freshwater lake in the Transdanubian region of Hungary. It is the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. The Zala River provides the largest inflow of water to the lake, and the canalized Sió is the only outflow. The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both for its historic character and as a major wine region, while the flat southern shore is known for its resort towns.

The peak tourist season extends from June until the end of August. The average water temperature during the summer is 25 °C (77 °F), which makes bathing and swimming popular on the lake. Most of the beaches consist of either grass, rocks, or the silty sand that also makes up most of the bottom of the lake. Many resorts have artificial sandy beaches and all beaches have step access to the water. Although the peak season at the lake is the summer, Balaton is also frequented during the winter, when visitors go ice-fishing or even skate, sledge, or ice-sail on the lake if it freezes over.

If you’re wondering how to get to Lake Balaton, it’s pretty straightforward! There are daily, direct trains from Budapest Déli railway station to Balatonfüred (the north side hub) and Siófok (the south side hub), with ongoing trains and transfers from there. The journey lasts between 1-2 hours. Let’s see 5  recommendations you can do around Lake Balaton.

  1. Excursion in the Balaton Uplands

Lake Balaton does not only consist of swimming, sunbathing, and bathing mixed with fried dough. There are also great and beautiful excursion places here, such as the Balaton Uplands (Balatonfelvidék). This area is located on the northern shore of the Lake, in a part with coves and mountains. One of the must-see attractions is the Bujdosók Stairs, which can be reached from Badacsonytördemic. We should warn you that you will have to get yourselves up on 464 basalt stairs, but the view that awaits us at the top will make up for everything.

The Folly Arboretum is favourable for lovers of the Mediterranean climate: the arboretum, which mostly consists of pines, is in Badacsonyörs, on the southern side of Kisörsi Hill. The internationally listed collection also includes cypresses and cedars. There are still many countryside and sights waiting to be explored in the Balaton Uplands, so it is worth taking several days to do so.

  1. Wine tour in the Badacsony wine region

Badacsony is a volcanic mountain and wine-growing region, where you can taste first-class Hungarian wines.This is a great program where good wines, delicious food, and a great atmosphere harmoniously go along.

Surrounding Lake Balaton, beautiful volcanic hills cover a fertile mineral ground that is the finest base for vineyards. Filled with patches of grape-growing farms and meandering streams, fields of lavender and limestone, the entire landscape is simply idyllic. Badacsony is one of the richest regions that capture the viticulture of Hungary and has been popular since Roman times.

  1. Discover Tihany

On the north shore stands proud the oldest medieval town in the region. Tihany sits proudly on the top of the peninsula that centres the entire panorama of the turquoise lake valley. The Baroque abbey crowns it off. There are brick towers, a royal crypt, and hillside streets dressed in cobblestone – romance and history in one. If you finish the abbey visit, test the famous echo of Tihany, eat a delicious lavender ice cream, and admire the breathtaking panorama. It is also possible to rent a bike to explore the peninsula and pick up your lavender bouquet from a natural field, but you can also try sailing or rent a small boat.

  1. Bathing on the best beaches

The major resorts around the lake are Siófok, Zamárdi, Keszthely, and Balatonfüred. In Siófok there is a 2,000 square meter beach area, a sunbathing area with palm trees, and comfortable sun loungers await you. The free beach in Zamárdi is 3 km long and not only so popular during the festivals. In addition, while swimming here, the Tihany Peninsula unfolds in front of your eyes. Keszthely is the site of the Festetics Palace and Balatonfüred is a historical bathing town that hosts the annual Anna Ball.

Secondly, if you like swimming, you can complete the Balaton crossing competition, which is a 5,2 km long section between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár.

  1. Cruising in Lake Balaton

Among the coolest programs on Lake Balaton – besides swimming and bathing – is cruising. There are many varied types to choose from. If you like speed, there are fast boats, which you can use on the Siófok – Balatonfüred, and Fonyód – Badacsony routes. Racing in the middle of Lake Balaton is going to be an unforgettable experience.

How about a real Sunset Tour? You can choose from several cruises: whether you choose the one- or two-hour version, the romantic Badacsony tour, or the night star tour, an experience of a lifetime awaits you.

We hope you are inspired and get great ideas on how to explore Lake Balaton in the summer. Let’s take off your office suit and have a good relaxation at the shore of the Hungarian sea.


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