Congratulations on taking the first step towards your educational journey with the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Programme! Applying for scholarships is a more complex procedure with lots of deadlines to keep in mind. Now that you've submitted your application, let's guide you through the upcoming milestones.

Early February – First Selection Point: Technical Check

Shortly after the January application deadline, a technical check is conducted by the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF). At this point, your application is checked if it meets the basic eligibility criteria, and includes all necessary documents. This phase is crucial because only those application materials are forwarded for the validation of recommendation, which was successful on the technical check.

February – Second Round of Selection: Validation of Diaspora Recommendation Letters

In the next phase, the valid applications are sent to the Hungarian diplomatic representations to check the recommendation letters of the applicants. Beyond the content the recommendation letters are checked if they are issued by a legitimate Hungarian diaspora organization or a Hungarian Diplomatic Representation. Any discrepancies may lead to application rejection.

Mid-March to Mid-May – Third Round of Selection: The Institutional Evaluation

The valid applications then are forwarded to higher education institutions for a professional evaluation. This involves a formal check and, if eligible, participation in institutional entrance examinations. Each applicant can take part in up to two examinations based on their submitted choices. The date and method of the entrance examination vary by each institution. Applicants will be individually informed about further details (e.g., date of examination) directly by their selected institution(s).

Here are 2 important notes:

  • If you applied for a Ph.D. programme, the deadline for uploading the Statement of the Supervisor is 15 March 2024.
  • The deadline for uploading the institutional reference letter for students on a self-financed course who wish to continue their studies with a scholarship is 15 March 2024.

 April – Fourth Round of Selection: Evaluation of Diaspora Motivation Letters

Simultaneously with institutional examinations, Diaspora Motivation Letters are assessed by independent experts from Tempus Public Foundation. The letters are scored using a standardized system of criteria, contributing to the overall evaluation.

Important note: ensure your medical certificate is uploaded by 15 April!

May-June – Allocation of Admitted Applicants

During the allocation, Tempus Public Foundation considers the preferences of the applicant, university capacity, the examination results, and the Diaspora Motivation Letter scores. Limited places may affect scholarship awards based on citizenship and support student diversity. The Diaspora Scholarship Committee reviews the allocation list and may set priorities based on regions, countries, academic fields, or study-program-specific needs.

First Half of June – Application Results

Applicants will receive statuses such as “awarded Scholarship Holder,” “conditionally awarded,” “awarded on the waiting list,” or “rejected” by the first half of June. Notifications will be sent via email from Tempus Public Foundation, and results will also be available on the Dream Apply online system.

For further details, please read Section 3.6. of the  Call for Applications. Should you have any questions, please contact us at .

Your journey toward the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship is unfolding, we hope the information above was helpful and wish you good luck with your application!