If you are a member of the HÖOK Diaspora Mentoring Program, you have plenty of opportunities to join their upcoming events in February. You can explore Pécs and see the Busójárás in Mohács or visit a spa in Budapest with other diaspora mentees.

Pécs tour and Busójárás (Mohács)

17-19, February 2023, Pécs and Mohács

The annual ritual of Busójárás dates back hundreds of years, celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The UNESCO-recognised event lasts approximately one week in the small town of Mohács, located in southern Hungary, near the city of Pécs. This year the carnival will take place from 16-21. February. Learn more about Busójárás, one of the most famous Hungaricums HERE.

Spa visit

25, February 2023, Budapest

Recharge yourself in one of the spas in Budapest where you can meet other Höok mentees and have a fun time.

Register for the events through the official website of the HÖOK Diaspora Mentoring Program. Only students who are mentees of the HÖOK Diaspora Mentoring Program can register for the events.

REGISTER AS A MENTEE https://diaszporamentor.hu/

You can find other upcoming events on the webpage of the HÖOK Diaspora Mentoring Program.

HÖOK reserves the right to change the time and location of the programs, and they inform the mentored students about this in all cases. Students always receive accurate information about the events, even before registration. Furthermore, they can contact HÖOK colleagues at any time at the e-mail address: .