We do believe that our common past and common future connect us. We believe that being Hungarian, and having Hungarian roots offer a rich perspective that is worth discovering! Memories can vanish, but we believe that these ties could be eternal. We would like Hungary to become a living experience for you. So we encourage you to reboot your roots! This is the reason why the Hungarian Government has launched the Diaspora Scholarship Program with the aim of encouraging you to study at Hungarian universities starting from the 2021/2022 academic year. We would like you to discover modern Hungary with its vibrant culture and world-class higher education. We offer you highly competitive knowledge adapted to your own language skills in English or in Hungarian. We will show you our rich cultural and historic national heritage as well as the beauty of our Hungarian language. You may live anywhere in the world, you are important to us! In the heart of Europe, a country is waiting for you – a nation, that you are also part of.

Please visit https://diasporascholarship.hu

You can apply until 24th January 2021.

Reboot your roots! We are waiting for you!