The non-degree Hungarian Preparatory Course of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for those who are planning their studies in Hungary but are still undecided on the study programme. Here is everything you need to know about the preparatory course!

Within the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship, selected universities offer a non-degree, two-semesters-long Hungarian language preparatory programme. The speciality of these programmes is that it involves intensive learning of both Hungarian language and in some cases field-specific knowledge and vocabulary. Its schedule embraced by innovative language teaching methods and modern field-specific materials enables the students to prepare efficiently for their further studies.

The aim of the language course is to prepare students for the various faculties of some of the most renowned Hungarian universities: completing the course, participating students will have the opportunity to apply for a wide range of Hungarian language study programmes across the country.

Currently, six Hungarian higher education institutions offer the preparatory language course – you can read their detailed study curriculum on the DreamApply platform:

While the specifics of the language programme vary among the institutions, the Hungarian Preparatory Course lasts for two semesters that cannot be extended and requires basic English language proficiency from the participating students.

Applications for the Hungarian Preparatory Course for the 2022/2023 academic year are now open and you can submit your documents until 31 January 2022 in the DreamApply platform through the links above.