Allan Bugyi

Allan Bugyi is studying mathematics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). Although he was born and raised in São Paolo, Hungary was not unfamiliar to him, as his grandfather told stories about the Hungarian culture and language.

Let us know more about your Hungarian heritage!

My great-grandfather immigrated with his whole family after World War I. to Brazil. He fought in the war as a radio telegraphist. The plan was supposed to go to Argentina, but they were tired of the long trip on the ship, and my great-grandmother was pregnant. They stopped in Brazil and settled down there, in São Paulo.

Why did you choose to study in Hungary?

I always wanted to visit Hungary because my grandfather was born here and always talked about it with passion. I started learning the Hungarian language by myself at home, in Brazil. The honorary consulate of Hungary in Curitiba (Paraná) offered free online courses too, at the time. As I was preparing to acquire Hungarian citizenship, the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship programme was launched.

How did you hear about the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship?

I saw a post on Facebook by the Consulate of Hungary in São Paulo. I started following all the consulates and the embassy in Brazil because I was reuniting as much information as possible about Hungary. I was in the process of finding out everything about my ancestry and the possibility of acquiring citizenship at the time.

Why would you recommend the scholarship program to others?

I would recommend it because it is an opportunity for those who want to come to Hungary but don’t know how or don’t have the means to come and stay. It is a much easier way for descendants to return to their origins. Otherwise, it would require years of preparation, some luck, and financial or professional stability, which sometimes is not possible to acquire living outside here.

Allan Bugyi 2

What are your impressions so far?

My experience is mostly in a college ambience. I would say that it was a shock in the beginning because the education system is quite different, and the ways how people interact, too. The expectations require some time to understand.

I had been in Pécs for almost one year. I was studying Physics at the Bachelor’s level. Pécs is a beautiful city and very nice. The atmosphere there is very calm and welcoming. There are always nice things to do, like the festival of lights, the TV tower, the historical buildings, the Christmas market in the main square, or simply sightseeing.

I study and live in Budapest, and I think the city is gorgeous. I love being here. Budapest University of Technology and Economics has a structured program and organized curriculum. However, I wish I could spend more time exploring Hungary and its society if I did not have to study so much.

Hungarian people are warm-welcoming and kind-hearted. They are set in their ways and have strong family bonds. They are festive but also strong. They have a thousand years in this Carpathian base. Hungarians had to conquer the land, resist and die for it over the centuries, as history tells, starting from Árpad times. It is a country that defends family principles, seek out descendants spread out in the world, support Christian people, and has a beautiful culture. Their food is delicious! Last but not least: they have a unique, beautiful language.