The University of Dunaújváros

Hungary has many prestigious universities where you can develop your skills and broaden your knowledge. Even if you study in one of these institutions, our series about Hungarian universities will help you explore more. In this part, you can read more about the University of Dunaújváros, a technical university in the country. If you want to study for a European degree and be part of a welcoming and vibrant student community, read our article and get inspired!

Prepare your trip to Hungary!

Congratulations on your successful application! With this scholarship, you also won an opportunity to obtain high-quality European education in a country rich in cultural traditions, in the center of the European Union. However, before you embark on this adventure, we have collected some important information that may be useful for planning your trip to Hungary.

Summer walk in the Hungarian universities’ botanical gardens

Hungary has beautiful nature with various species, and more than 70 botanical gardens and arboretums wait for visitors to provide them with a few silent hours for relaxing and studying. The gardens are spectacular during the whole year, but some of them are even more special is the time of blooming. Check out these university gardens with us and book a place in the summer to visit them!