Here you will read about the stories and tips of the scholarship holders as well as the most important events and reports of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship.


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Important information about the validity of residence permits

Please be aware, that there have been some changes in the validity of residence permits.

The number of applicants with Hungarian roots grows year by year

Do you want to know, how applications for the Hungarian Diaspora scholarship turned out? Which study fields were the most popular? How many applications were submitted? Read our article to learn more about it!

Next step for your application: the Mandatory Medical Certificate by 15 April

As the nomination process is coming to an end, here are the following steps for your application: the submission of the Mandatory Medical Certificate.

4 must-known facts about the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Programme from 2024/2025

Did you apply for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Programme for the 2024/2025 academic year? Then you might be interested in the numbers and a short summary of the application. In this article, we collected the most important facts such as the number of applications, the number of participating Hungarian universities, or the most popular study fields.

What happens after you apply? Navigating the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Journey

Congratulations on taking the first step towards your educational journey with the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Programme! Applying for scholarships is a more complex procedure with lots of deadlines to keep in mind. Now that you've submitted your application, let's guide you through the upcoming milestones.

Join summer university courses with the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship!

Are you thinking of studying in Hungary in the future, and would like to discover the land of your ancestors? This summer you have the chance to visit Hungary! Explore Hungarian culture, learn Hungarian, and develop your professional skills in short-term summer university courses while making new friends with our fully covered scholarship.

Don’t miss the application deadline!

As the deadline for submitting your application for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship is just around the corner, we have collected the most important steps and documents you need to check for your successful application. Read our article and make sure to meet all the requirements until 31 January.

Online consultation about application in January

Are you planning to apply for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship? If you missed the online consultations in December, but you have questions about the application process and the online application system, join us in January and find the answers you need!

The diaspora scholarship holders began the holiday season

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Tempus Public organized a Christmas event on 11 December for the students of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Programme at the unique Szamos Chocolate Museum. It was a wonderful afternoon with a lot of fun in the center of Budapest

Tips and hacks for a successful application – The Diaspora Recommendation Letter

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship gives you an exceptional chance to develop both personally and academically and to discover your Hungarian roots. If you wish to submit a successful application, let us help you with your recommendation letter!

5 tips on how to apply for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

Fulfiling your professional dreams while you explore your Hungarian heritage? Apply for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship which gives you an exceptional chance to develop both personally and academically and to discover your Hungarian roots.

Another great Diaspora community meeting in Sátoraljaújhely

The Diaspora Weekend Community Meeting took place between 17 and 19 November in Sátoraljaújhely, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Rákóczi Association, and the Tempus Public Foundation.


Study In Hungary

You can find a lot of useful information about life and education in Hungary on the Study in Hungary website. When visiting the website go to the “Living In Hungary” menu on the top menu bar where you can find the main topics regarding life in Hungary.

Alumni network Hungary

Be a member of this inspiring community, the Alumni Network Hungary from the first day of your university years!