If you are interested in studying in Hungary but you are still thinking about which university to choose, our series about Hungarian universities will help you to decide! In this part, you can read more about the University of Miskolc, the education and scientific centre of Northern Hungary .


The University of Miskolc is located in the Northern part of Hungary, at the foothills of the Bükk Mountains, in the city of Miskolc. The University, established in 1735, is not just a traditional higher education institution, but also plays the role of an important scientific/research and cultural centre of the North Hungarian region. It has its own extensive (85 hectares) and attractive campus with on-campus student housing and excellent sports and recreational facilities, including high-standard athletic fields, soccer grounds, and a great number of tennis courts. All the lecture and laboratory rooms are equipped to high standards and the spacious workshops include sophisticated technical facilities allowing also pilot-scale experimentation. High-speed computer network and broadband wifi access are available all throughout the university buildings, including a large scale central library equipped with abundant computer terminals. The calm and dominantly green campus includes all facilities required for not only the studies but also for the everyday life of students.


The Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering and the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering are the two traditional technical faculties with which higher education started at the predecessor of the University in 1735. At present, the largest among the seven faculties of the University is the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, established in 1949. The Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of  Health Care as well as the Institute of Music were established one after the other in the past few decades to offer high scale education and research in the different spheres of science and arts. This variety of scientific fields offered at a self-containing campus creates a unique atmosphere at the University of Miskolc.


Apart from the large number of bachelor, master and doctoral programmes offered in Hungarian, the University offers altogether 19 graduate and doctoral programmes in English in the fields of technical and social sciences as well as humanities. The programmes are based on strong theoretical foundations but also focus on the practical aspects of the given field. The aim is to develop the competences and knowledge expected not only by the generation Z but also by all studying for a degree, to meet the expectations of the 21st century. The international student community of the university represents some 50 countries and counts more than 450 students in 2021. The University welcomes all motivated, talented and open-minded students and provides them with not only cutting edge knowledge and competences but also vivid student life, versatile social and academic programmes, on-campus accommodation, a mentor system and many more. The International Alumni and Student Network provides the international students with a platform to represent their interest, organise international events and shape their lives on campus.


National and international students are actively involved in research and educational projects run by institutes and departments in all fields. Scientific conferences are regularly organized for the best-performing students, who can take part in a variety of international competitions too, e.g. in computer science, building electric and special formula racing cars or robots, carry out mock trials and devise business plans.

If you want to know more about the University and its programmes, visit the official website here.

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