I have to admit that participating in Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program was quite an exciting experience. The pride of being able to participate, the energy and enthusiasm I felt is hard to describe. It was an amazing experience.

Students can live and study in a country with a dynamic history, quality universities with courses in a variety of majors from business to art. Great student life, students can find libraries and cafes to study easily. There is a huge amount of activities and entertainment that gives to students a unique international experience in Hungary.

Help in changing someone’s world and enlarge my view about other culture inspired me to become a mentor. I realised that become a mentor would help me to understand how the world looks through someone else’s eyes.

I enjoy being connected and sharing my knowledge with people coming from all around the world with different background, culture, language, perspective and ideas.

The most challenging aspect of being a mentor is to build a strong relationship with your mentee. Mentors must be highly motivated in order to help their mentees solving their problems efficiently.

Every year many scholarship holders leave their country to study in Hungary and most of them are travelling abroad for the first time in their life. It is a completely different environment and can be challenging and difficult for them. Mentoring is important because it helps the new students in their new life providing personal support that facilitate success in their studies and social life.