Each year, Stipendium Hungaricum is looking to appoint new mentors for the HÖOK (National Union of Students in Hungary) Mentor Network.

After a successful application and a round of interviews, candidates visit the Mentor Camp, organized by the managers of the mentor network (although this year the activities took place online). The main purpose of the camp is to prepare mentors for the tasks ahead.


The HÖOK Mentor Network’s aim is to assist the higher educational integration of SH students coming to Hungary by facilitating mentoring. The mentors’ responsibility is to assist their mentees’ administrative and educational tasks and to introduce them to Hungarian transportation, culture and norms.


This year, the Mentor Camp started on 11 July (Saturday) with opening speeches, roundtable discussions and lectures.

Between 13 and 17 July, students had to complete four different courses online, followed by a final test in order to get their Stipendium Hungaricum Diploma or “Stiploma”.


In the last two days, the network’s newest mentors finally got the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice with the help of qualified trainers.