The word adventure describes the SH experience perfectly, because it may have its ups and downs, but the goal is to do it together, helping each other. Hungary is truly unique with its history, architecture and cuisine. Once you get a taste of gulyás and töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage), you will be back for more.

Mentoring is a way to enrich ourselves through learning from other people and their experiences, but it not only benefits the mentor, but the mentee as well. Moving to a completely different country than ours can be incredibly difficult, but a mentor can make it easier.

For me the best part is meeting the mentees for the very first time, when a friendship starts. It is always interesting to discover and explore the common interests, hobbies and even goals. Probably the most challenging aspect of being a mentor is we need to encourage the mentees to ask for help and knowing how much advice to give. Personally I like to let the mentees find their own path by discovering, but being with them in case they need help.

It is always good to have someone by your side, especially when your mentor is your new guardian angel, friend and sponsor in one. It is important to have someone from the very beginning who helps with everything, who you can count on.